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Health Insurance In Germany

The law in Germany requires everyone to have health insurance, including international students.

You need proof of health insurance to get enrolled at a Germany university and to get your student visa. Students can get either the public health insurance or private health insurance.

Here are two types of health insurance in Germany:

  1. Public Health Insurance
  2. Private Health Insurance

In this article we will discuss the health insurances for international students applying to language courses, preparatory courses, or those who are already enrolled in a study program in a German university.

Table of Contents

Health Insurance for International Students

Students enrolled in degree programmes are eligible to take public health insurance, students in preparatory or language courses and students over the age of 30 are required to get private health insurance plans.

Health Insurance for Preparatory Course Students

Preparatory course students in Germany must be privately insured. You will be eligible for public insurance after you are enrolled in a degree program.

Health Insurance for Language Course Students

Students enrolled in language courses in Germany must also take out private health insurance as they are not yet eligible for the public one, since they are not enrolled in a university program.

Public Health Insurance companies package

Registered degree students up to the age of 29 can take our public health insurance. There are many public health insurance providers to choose from such as; Barmer, KKH – Kaufmännische Krankenkasse, AOK Baden Württemberg ,Techniker Krankenkasse (TK). They all provide more or less the same services by covering the costs of your health related issues such as doctor visits, treatments, discounted prescribed medications, screening examinations, rehabilitation, and basic dental treatments.

One of our Students, Ahmed, was insured by Barmer. They covered his doctor visits, medical check ups, as well as emergency cases. Other students prefer the company TK as they provide excellent services and have English speaking customer service.

Public Health Insurance Cost

Health insurance for international students costs from €103.94 – €111.75 per month starting from 2020 with a public health insurance provider, and it covers basic healthcare as well as long-term care insurance.

Private Health insurance Cost

Private health insurance in Germany costs start at around €33 per month, and increase depending on what extra services you are looking for. The insurance price increases starting from the second year in Germany. Different companies in the market are providing the same service, It doesn’t make much difference which one you choose.

Mawista is the private insurance of choice for a lot of our students during their language courses and preparatory year. The company is good you would pay €33/Month for the first year and then €52/Month starting from the 13th month. Another good option is Care Concept.

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