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Our world is changing so fast. Having a degree is not enough anymore to give you enough security in a saturated marketplace. Your educational background is only one side of the coin.

How you communicate with everyone else and the personal skills you have is the other side of the coin, which unfortunately people nowadays don’t give much attention to.

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We are all salesmen / saleswomen. Every word that comes out of your mouth is selling, but most people are not trained to do it properly. When you go to a job interview, you already possess the skills required to get the job done, however, the last step is to sell yourself to the employer by convincing him that you are the best candidate for that job.

People buy based on feelings and justify it with logic. Can you touch other people’s feelings and get what you want from them without infringing on their rights?

You must learn how to sell. The market is already saturated with enough doctors, engineers, marketers. How you sell and represent yourself, ideas and products is the key for better performance and gives you leverage above the competition.

The more you tell, the more you sell!


If your marketing skills are strong, selling will never be easier. Marketing is showing to everyone, who you are and why are you the best at what you do. Why they should trust you and hire you to solve their problems, rather than someone else. It takes time and effort, you need to have a track record.

The internet makes this easier than ever, even your social media posts and interests say a lot about you. The more you share with others, especially the free content, the more difference you make in benefiting your online presence.

Everyone love free stuff, they usually take it for granted, but it always gives you an advantage over your competitors in the marketplace. What are you willing to give for free?

Get Attention, make some noise, get ahead of the competition.

Personal Branding

If you can be described by one word, what would it be?

Branding is what people think of you. You are a personal brand, you should take care of your actions with yourself and with others, the better you are with yourself and others, the better your brand will be. Have high standards!

What people think of you and your products is more important than what you think of yourself.


Copywriting is simply converting words into money or results. For example, you send a proposal to a company or a customer to try and sell your product by showing them why it is better than your competitors, or you write down your CV and submit it to an employer seeking a job opportunity. What you write down will determine, whether you peak the consumer’s or the employer’s interest and close the sale without even speaking to them on phone or in person.

It is different from the academic writing. It doesn’t have a specific structure or length. You just need to convince (close) the reader with your words, that your idea, product or yourself is the best solution for their problems.

Learn how to transform your words into results and/or money.

Negotiation skills

Negotiation is crucial in our daily life. You want to rent a new apartment, apply for a job, buy a business, sell your products, you will have to negotiate the deal’s terms.

There is no win-win situation, winning is in your mind, each one has his own winning terms, if I got a deal with such terms, I will be happy and feel like winning.

Learn how to answer Objections.

Results vs Tasks Orientation

We are programmed to be task oriented. You have a “to do list” and you are really happy by the end of the day if you have done it all.

The question is, what are the results of what you have done?

You get paid based on results. Nobody cares how much effort or how many hours, years you have invested to get the job done. People care about results.

Are you really happy with your results?

If the answer is YES, then congratulations keep it up! If the answer is NO, you have to change the way you think and how you operate.

You get paid based on Results, keep that in mind!


You can’t do it all alone. You must be have a great team.

You don’t live alone on this planet, nor can you survive alone. You need friends to support you, and a good team to get the job done and achieve great results.

Choose your partner, friends and team wisely. They will either lift you up to success or bring you down to failure.


Don’t be afraid of failure and doing mistakes, because that how you grow.

Schools teach you, how to get the best grades with the least mistakes possible. That is their scale, but in life you will fail first and then you will learn. Failures will make you strong, if you survive them.

The faster you fail and survive (especially mentally), the faster you will succeed.

Learn, Unlearn, Relearn, Repeat

There is no guarantee that was working last year, will still work today. Sometimes you have to unlearn what you thought was working before, because the world is changing too fast and you have to keep up with it.

The process is; when you learn a new skill or something new in your career, you need to unlearn something else that is not keeping up with today’s world and relearn an old topic, or skill until you master it. Then repeat the process.

You have to be an active learning machine.

Taking Actions

Procrastination is a dream killer. Don’t live a life of regrets. Don’t wait for an opportunity or a risk you are going to take. The higher your risks are, the better your results will be.
Winners take massive actions, they don’t procrastinate.
If you want to start a new life and start your studies in Germany, don’t wait, join us NOW and we will help you achieve you goals.

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